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FREE Pigs Ear Strips worth £9.98 when spending £60!
FREE Pigs Ear Strips worth £9.98 when spending £60!

WPS Rewards - Earn Paw Points!

Get 10% off your next order just for registering for a free customer account! 
Our rewards program automatically awards Paw Points which can be redeemed for discounts. 

Earning Paw Points
There are multiple ways to earn paw points and the more you accumulate the bigger the discounts!

  • Register - 300 Paw Points (instant 10% discount on your order!)
  • Place an order - 2 Paw Points for every £1 spent!
  • Review your purchase - 50 points for every product review!
  • Share on Facebook - 20 Paw Points
  • Like on Facebook - 20 Paw Points
  • Share on Twitter - 10 Paw Points
Checking your balance & activity
Registering on WPS is all you need to do and our reward program is fully integrated into your account. There is no separate login which makes it nice and easy!

To check your history or balance, simply click the floating "WPS Rewards" icon an the bottom of the screen (or click here) and you'll be able to see the points you've earned and how you earned them.

Redeeming Paw Points
Once you have enough points to redeem, click the "WPS Rewards" icon in the bottom of the screen (or click here) and you'll see the reward you're eligible for. Simply click "Redeem" to claim your reward!

Refer a Friend
If you have a friend or family member, refer them to WPS and you both get a 10% off coupon when they make a purchase!

Simply click the "WPS Rewards" icon at the bottom of the screen (or click here) and scroll down to get the referral link to send to your friend. 

Step by step instructions for your first 10% discount

  1. Register for a free customer account
  2. After registering click here to open the reward panel
  3. Click "Redeem" next to the 10% coupon
  4. Click "Apply Code"
  5. Your discount code will automatically be applied at checkout!

If you have any questions about our reward program, please contact us.
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