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Free British Porky Bites with orders over £60!
Free British Porky Bites with orders over £60!

WPS Reviews

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My dogs absolutely love them

These XL thick cow's ear last our 3 dogs a few days each time we give them, value for money and would highly recommend them

Dogs love them…

My dogs get a really balanced diet which means they get stuff in addition to kibble. They love these chicken hearts; when it’s time for them to get them they start “singing”. Highly recommend.

My dogs love them…

A dog should apparently get 5% of liver in their diet and I try to give mine a fully balanced diet and these are a great way to ensure that I always have liver in the house for them without having to keep any in my freezer and worry about remembering to defrost it.

Fish bites large

These was brought for Christmas 🎄 treats to put in the shoe boxs for the dog in the Essex kennels that are in the care of German Shepherd Rescue Elite, they deserve good quality

Beef Paddywack
dave gravelle
Good value

The dog really likes these. Slightly aromatic to us but loved by her!

Dog heaven!

These are the only chews that our Cocker cannot devour in a few minutes. She loves them and they last so top scores.

My dog's favourite fish treat

These are amazing value. Long and last far longer than other fish chews. My dog absolute loves them.

Great value

Seems like great value. Yet to try with my dog, but far cheaper than the main brand. Got to be worth a try.

NEW! Red Deer Skin
Margaret Thomas
A Christmas present- so not yet able to say!

As above

lovely sausages

my wife was very impressed when i served them to her for breakfast
the dogs weren't

2kg Beef Lung Jerky
Bernard Litman
i enjoyed them as a starter

please see above

Great healthy long lasting chews for the dogs

Beef Tendons - my dog loves them

These are excellent value and a decent size. My cocker loves them!

Braided Beef Intestine

Great product given both my dogs love it. Easy to chew for little jaws and also for the older jaws too.


My dog loves these. Fast delivery as well. Will definitely be ordering more.

My dogs love these ❤️

So nice to have their favourite treats that don’t stink the cupboard out?

Very Good Low Fat treats

My Dog loves the treats and because they are so low fat I can give her more of them

100% Natural Dried White Beef Head Skin Strips

My labrador cross, who loves a good chew, finds them tasty, and I appreciate the fact that they are long-lasting! It is good to be able to give her something natural to chew, without preservatives or additives, and they contribute to her dental care.
Bought in quantity, they are very competitively priced.

Excellent quality

Excellent quality

Long lasting delicious chew

A bit smelly but our dog loved them!

Fab chew!

Delicious chew, our dog really loved them.

Rottie loves them

Great low fat treat my dog loves

My girls really like them

My girls really like them. They get one each after our long afternoon walk

All my dogs love this

Total success across the board with my pack of five dogs, smallest of which is border collie (16.5 kg), largest 45 kg. Some are fussy but this was a real winner. They loved it.

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